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The company was established in November 2001 by Mr Vernon Annandale and two associates. They decided to name the company A N S metals for the first letter in each surname. The partnership broke down and the two associates were bought out by Mr Annandale who became the sole owner. Mr Annandale then decided to use the abbreviations A N S for Africa National Scrap Metals.   


Having a bin truck, cropper, weighbridge, plasma cutter, several scales, compressor, security camera system and vehicles amongst its assets. The company has since been joined by Mr Annandale’s son Juan. Customers that have been loyal to Mr Annandale gave the company a firm foundation such as the late Ben Hall who owned an engineering company now run by his brothers.                                                               

A N S METALS also has loyal workers who have over the years become good friends and are regarded as close as family members such as Errol our Assistant Operational Manager and Michelle our Assistant Financial Manageress then there is Walter our non-ferrous supervisor who is an expert in non-ferrous especially the recovery of tungsten.

 Along with our company we have a transport contractor Danie who has been with Mr Annandale even before this company was established a true and loyal friend who is much appreciated.

 Danie is a magician in repairing virtually anything and has the talent of repairing a roadside breakdown without much equipment to such an extent that he can get it back to the yard.

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“Buying and selling scrap metal is our speciality”


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